What's new in this version?

  • Website and category updates.

What are categories?
They are project filters. Select the categories for which you want to see available projects.

How does push notification work?
After you choose the websites and categories from which you want to know of available projects, you can designate from those categories any from which you want push notification.

How many push notifications free?
You are eligible for 20 push notifications free of charge each month. You can purchase unlimited push notifications through app settings.

What is Automatic Checking?
Your Freelance application will auto-check for projects after starting up.

How does update work?
After your application has started up and you receive new job listings through auto-check, you can manually check for new updates whenever you choose. New listings are likely to be available every 15 minutes or so.

Unable to get updates after changing category selections?
If so, please delete all previous project data. To do so, go to the settings tab and click "Clear All Projects." Then update again to get new data.